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February 2nd

Hmm...New pages every week..I think I may have some sort of odd sickness that makes me actually pay attention to deadlines.O.o; If that's the case...I wanna be sick forever!XD! Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying this Rebirth now.^_^ I think the story flows more evenly, and even more of a mind-f**k as the last one^_^ Oh yeah...if you haven't already guessed. This climatic page is marking the


Heeee~! I hope you all enjoyed it. I'll have a colored image up for the chapter 1 cover...maybe...hopefullyO.o; Unfortunatly, it won't be cg''ll have to me markers...Ive since lost my Open Canvas one program, and can't find my key, and I have error and program deaths with!:P I hope you guys wont mind^_^;;

Hopefully, I can get SOME kinda work donw with the pre-sketch pages of chapter one. I'm only two pages DOmmy slacking off to play World of Warcraft and work on other projects! BAD DOMMY! *smack!* In any case, I hope that this time around, Consumed will actually make it to chapter TWO!!! I left you guys hanging last time..just ONE page before the endingof Chapter one.>.> *smacked again* Anyway, for now I must go. I have to find ways to sell the stuff I make at home: Bookmarks, stickers, magnets, as well as working on putting up my Commissions base in the forums of my art site (Wayward Paths: Art and Role play). Until then...AYOOOOOOAH!


February 2nd

You know, the shock is wearing off. Dommy has updated once a week for almost a month now! Soon I'm going to have to complain when she's NOT ready every week.

In other news, my favorite lady Shiei is having a birthday on Monday the 6th. So please wish her a happy birthday by going to 7 Seas Entertainment and check out her stuff! You might even drop a line on their forums for her.

In other news, we're still trying to figure out a way to get you consumed goods and Dommy commissions. If you've got any suggestions please feel free to swing by the forum and let us know! Enjoy the new page!

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